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Mar 19, 2021 | Uncategorised

This is the story of an unexpected rebrand. A copywriter turned inwards and having to launch myself again with a new focus during lockdown. Like many freelancers, I was forced to work harder to find projects and being much clearer on my niche made sense.

Now, having done it, I don’t know why it took me so long! I feel grateful for the ‘long dark night in a thought-cave’ out of which all this emerged. This is what happened to get me here and what I can now offer clients as a result.

The rise of biophilia

I’d been copywriting for property and placemaking brands for about eight years and over the last three years or so had noticed a massive upsurge in the call to write about ‘biophilia’ and ‘biophilic design’. Developers were promoting local green spaces, integrated gardens and design with natural materials. They were talking much more about natural light, fresh air and acoustics and about experiential variety in the layout of spaces. They were talking about wellbeing.

At the same time, I was training as a meditation and mindfulness teacher and realised that I had a pull towards natural mindfulness and nature-based meditation. I was honouring things that I think had always been important to me and found an outlet to express them. I began my teaching by keeping it totally separate from my copywriting business, mistakenly believing that I would confuse my clients. How wrong I was.

A lockdown rethink

In the summer of 2020, I used the endless stretches of time that the pandemic gave us to reignite my engagement on LinkedIn and rewrite my profile with total honesty. Suddenly nature connection, biophilic design and wellbeing in placemaking were everywhere and I was making incredible connections. As lockdown continued, people were talking about getting into nature more and more as society rediscovered its value for staying healthy and sane.

All the architects I talked to identified a permanent shift in the design of spaces both private and public, with natural wellbeing reforming homes, workspace communities, mixed-use developments and the new high street. I had found my calling.

So I’ve made my meditation teaching my USP when copywriting and content writing for spaces and places, not just because of the importance of biophilia and wellbeing in today’s architecture and design, but because I think mindfulness makes for better storytelling.

Key takeaways:

  • Meditation teachers are adept at creating convincing journeys using all our senses; we can immerse and transport people
  • We’re super aware and can focus in on the fine details that many people miss
  • We like to tell stories and often use them with our students to explain meditation theory and practice as well as turning them into meditations in their own right
  • We recognise that Mother Nature is the ultimate meditation teacher and understand the science of biophilia and relationship with nature for wellbeing
  • Some of us have a handle on the physical and psychological impact of space, light, texture, pattern, shape and line as well as our connection with the natural elements
  • We care about the emotional impact and the outcome of our teaching experience on our students as they engage with the internal and external spaces we create for them

Can you see why these skills might add value when marketing a space? Would you like to know more? Get in touch to find out how my skills can help your business.

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